Hello and welcome, anonymous online visitor! You are probably looking for some details about me and what I do (or you’re just proud of how far I’ve come, Mum). I am a journalist, feature writer, editor, copywriter and news and content producer. I’m from Sydney, Australia and resettled in Vancouver, Canada. Since 2010, you might have read words written by me about a whole bunch of things at the following places:


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Please drop me a line at courtneyrobinson@live.com if you would like a copy of my very serious and proper resume, to inquire about working with me or to send me cats-knocking-stuff-over gifs. Or all three.

Some career highlights include transcribing Clint Eastwood interviews at the London HQ of Empire Magazine, cycling 400km through blistering South-East Asian humidity to raise money for Australia for UNHCR, receiving a national award for mental health reporting for this piece about suicide prevention apps, skydiving with wing-suiters in the name of research for this piece on BASE jumpingand sitting down in a swanky Sydney hotel to chat with Faith No More. 

I’ve also studied a little: a Graduate Certificate in Journalism (University of Technology Sydney), a First Class Honours postgraduate degree in Media Studies and an undergraduate degree in Sociology & Cultural Studies (both University of Wollongong).

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As my high school English teacher declared (while presenting me with an award at my Year 12 Graduation), “Courtney loves words”. I also love manoeuvring words to tell the story of a person, a group, or a brand. Reach out and tell me your story.

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