Review: Soundwave Sydney 2014 | HYSTERIA

I descended on Sydney’s Olympic Park ready to get chest-beatingly CRAZY at Soundwave (ceremonially marked with a mocha. Why, what do you do?). Hordes of tattooed-and-black-shirts infiltrated the grounds. Any observers hoping to prove the theorem that metal kids are uncontrollably malevolent would be disappointed. Coffee cups (yep, see) were displayed in equal measure with […]

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Interview with Adrian Fitipaldes (Northlane) | TONE DEAF

Adrian Fitipaldes spends his nights screaming on stages to clusters of sweaty, heaving crowds, expelling enough intensity to suggest possible spontaneous combustion. Fitipaldes, frontman of Sydney metalcore act Northlane, has a contained but effervescent energy off stage. He has reason to celebrate a successful 2013, and what better way to conclude a period of commercial and […]

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Interview with Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan) | TONE DEAF

Greg Puciato really needs a holiday. The enigmatic vocalist of New Jersey mathcore outfit The Dillinger Escape Plan, who have just released their fifth studio album, hasn’t had a holiday in “like, fucking ever”. After wrapping the latest offering, One Of Us Is The Killer, the band’s characteristic perfectionism closed any opportunities to snatch some extended […]

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See the original publication of this article at Anxiety is the most malicious and stunning masquerade within the mental-illness family, that fucked-up collective of forces that wreak havoc over their reluctant human hosts. The most common mental disorder, anxiety is the partner in thought-crime of that despicable fuckwit depression; and more often than not […]

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